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Is Rainwater Safe to Drink? Runoff Collected by Volunteers Offers Clues

A citizen science project called Off the Roof tested rainwater runoff collected by volunteers. They found that rainwater can be easily treated, but does often have contaminants similar to what’s found in streams and rivers. This blog first appeared in the Citizen Science Salon, a partnership between Discover and, on 2 Oct 2020. It

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Shale Gas Development leads to Trout Unlimited Citizen Science Water Quality Monitoring Projects

What do you do when a new industry or development comes to your community with the potential to shake-up natural resources? When the shale and natural gas boom came to Pennsylvania in 2010, many communities throughout the state were confronted with that very question. Large developments sprung up in areas historically spared from energy development,

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Launching a Regional Water Quality Database with

By: Holden Sparacino, Outreach Manager with Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) Over the past two years, the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) has worked with to develop, a database to house volunteer-collected data from hundreds of monitoring sites across Pennsylvania and New York, investigating small streams for potential impacts from shale

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