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Handbook of Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation

Handbook of Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation

Wondering if citizen science is the right approach to answer your conservation questions? Realizing you could use more people-power to study ecology in your area? Feeling a little lost about how or where to get started? Designing a new citizen science project is not an easy task. It helps to have a team of people

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Citizen Science meets Livelihoods: Co-producing knowledge in Wyoming cattle country

Weighing cattle with the Thunder Basin Grassland Prairie Ecosystem Association team.

I first met Monte early one morning in the sun-bleached heat of mid-summer, 2018. Monte’s family owns a ranch in Thunder Basin- a huge expanse of rangeland and prairie grassland in north central and northeastern Wyoming where there are more pronghorn and cows than people. Monte and his family have been stewards of these large

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How to Create Your Citizen Science Project on in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to We’re glad you’ve decided to start a new project. If you’re not sure where to start or want some tips, then you’re in the right place. In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to create a project and start navigating the tools we offer.  Do I need an account? Yes!

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Partner with Us to Write Successful Grants

Two organizations are stronger than one Community science and citizen science projects are strongest when they involve partnerships between people and/or organizations with diverse areas of expertise. Whether those partnerships are community + university, public + private, local + global, or some other arrangement, collaboration often creates stronger projects and more successful funding! Grants and

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How to Transform Data to Communicable Results

You’re inspired to start an influential project, you designed it, implemented the plan, and then measurements start coming in. You stare at a table overflowing with rows and columns of values. What’s next? Data analysis is the vital link between obtaining measurements and actually understanding them and communicating results.  Using’s features, you have the

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Training Materials Needed

Calling all project managers – we need your training materials! Do you ever wonder how your training materials and approaches influence data quality? You work hard to develop training materials and offer in-person trainings for your volunteers, yet the scholarly literature suggests that, despite your best efforts, land managers and scientists may still question the

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Writing Hypotheses

What is a hypothesis and why do I need one? Developing a hypothesis is the next step in the scientific method after you’ve developed your research question. (For more information on developing a research question, check out our last blog post. A hypothesis is essentially a tentative explanation related to your research question. Sometimes referred to

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Developing an Effective Research Question

Written by: Ellen Eisenbeis and Stacy Lynn Why is My Research Question Important? Setting your project up for success involves developing a research question that is clear, concise and achievable. This can be challenging, but is an essential step to creating a quality study. According to Jane Agee’s work on developing qualitative research questions, poorly

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