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Is Rainwater Safe to Drink? Runoff Collected by Volunteers Offers Clues

A citizen science project called Off the Roof tested rainwater runoff collected by volunteers. They found that rainwater can be easily treated, but does often have contaminants similar to what’s found in streams and rivers. This blog first appeared in the Citizen Science Salon, a partnership between Discover and, on 2 Oct 2020. It

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How Citizen Science Paved the Way for This Student’s Career

When Brian Fauver set foot on the Colorado State University campus as a new graduate student in 2013, he never expected he’d coauthor a paper in the journal Nature three years later. His research journey began typically enough but the work that led to that Nature publication gave Brian “an expanded worldview of what science

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Results-based Citizen Science

Citizen science starts with an idea All citizen science and community science projects begin as ideas. Perhaps you work for a city and are interested in how local greenspaces support pollinators. Or maybe you’re a researcher trying to understand how invasive plants spread. Or you’re a member of your community concerned about how activities affect

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