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Protect your Participant Privacy

Customized privacy options for your citizen science data When it comes to privacy, citizen science projects are not one size fits all. Project A may need a platform that supports Open Membership and Open Data. Project B may need a platform that supports Closed Membership and Closed Data. And then there are all the permutations

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How to Transform Data to Communicable Results

You’re inspired to start an influential project, you designed it, implemented the plan, and then measurements start coming in. You stare at a table overflowing with rows and columns of values. What’s next? Data analysis is the vital link between obtaining measurements and actually understanding them and communicating results.  Using CitSci.org’s features, you have the

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Results-based Citizen Science

Citizen science starts with an idea All citizen science and community science projects begin as ideas. Perhaps you work for a city and are interested in how local greenspaces support pollinators. Or maybe you’re a researcher trying to understand how invasive plants spread. Or you’re a member of your community concerned about how activities affect

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