How to Add Photos to Observations

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Submitting photos along with observations to a CitSci project can provide valuable information to researchers and other citizen scientists. Through CitSci, you can attach many photos to each observation you submit to a project. In this tutorial, we will walk through how to add photos to observations in CitSci.

ProTip: Be sure to have all photos you want in your observation downloaded on your computer for easy access.

STEP 1: Finding CitSci Projects

To find CitSci projects you are currently participating in, go to the My Projects tab in your user profile. This tab will list all the projects you are managing and/or participating in. 

ProTip: If you are not currently participating in any CitSci projects, visit the Projects tab to look for projects to join!

My Projects Tab Highlighted in a User Profile with an Example Project

STEP 2: Submitting Data

When you’re ready to submit an observation with photos to a CitSci project, click on the Submit Data tab on the project page. 

Step 3: Entering Data

Under the Submit Data Tab, click on the Enter Data link for the project you want to submit an observation to, this will bring you to a page that allows you to upload observations. 

Submit Data Tab and Enter Data Tab Highlighted in an Example Project

STEP 4: Uploading an Observation with Photos

When uploading an observation, fill out the form as requested. After providing the appropriate information, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a section called Photo, with links to choose photo files below. 

Step 5: Choosing Photos

When you click on the Choose File link, will automatically open up the Downloads file of your computer. From here, you can choose a single photo you want uploaded along with your observation. To upload multiple photos, select another Choose File link.

Photo Upload Link Highlighted in a Data Entry Page

STEP 6: Submit

After choosing your selected photos, you can submit your observation with attached photos!

When you upload photos alongside a CitSci observation, you are providing valuable information that can be used by project managers to better understand the data you collect.

ProTip: Ask your project manager for recommendations of the kinds of photos most helpful to your project.

Can I upload photos directly from my phone?

As of now, the best way to upload photos to a CitSci project is through a computer.

Do photos have to have to be a maximum or minimum size?

Photos have a maximum upload size of 90MB and need to be uploaded as either jpg or png file types.

When you upload photos alongside a CitSci observation, you are providing valuable information that can be used by project managers to better understand ecological systems across the globe. For specific recommendations for project photos, please reach out directly to your project manager.

Banner Image: Skullman, Pixabay

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