Using Project Manager Tools on CitSci


As a project manager, you can edit your CitSci projects and manage the members, contributions and participation in these projects. As a project manager, you can also analyze data and download it for other purposes. In this tutorial, we will navigate the tools available to project managers and how to use them. 

STEP 1: Finding the Project Profile

The first step in editing any CitSci project is to find the project’s profile. As a project manager, you will have a tab next to your username on the CitSci website called My Projects. Under this tab, click on the project you want to view and edit. 

Want to create a new project? Learn more with How to create and edit a project profile on CitSci


Image 1: Finding published projects in CitSci

ProTip: If you are not a project manager and want to view the projects you are participating in, you can find them in your User Profile.

STEP 2: Editing Project Profile and Members

At the top of a Project Profile, you have options to edit the project profile, view datasheets, manager project members and choose whether or not you want to link your project on the SciStarter database of projects, or integrate data through a sister-project on the Zooniverse

Image 2: Finding the Edit Project, Datasheets, Manage Members and Integrations sections of the Project Profile.

Viewing Datasheets

The CitSci Datasheets tab allows you to view the project datasheet. Clicking on this tab will bring you to the Datasheet page, where you can view and edit datasheets. You can also create a new datasheet for your project on this page. 

Screenshot of the Datasheet page with red outline around the Create Datasheet button.

Image 3: Options available in the Datasheets Tab

Editing Project Profile

Click on the Edit Project link to bring you to a page where you can edit the Project Profile. You can edit the project name, description, goals and tasks as well as add or update your project banner photo and logo/thumbnail. Read Creating and editing a project profile for a more detailed tutorial about project profiles.

On the right side of the page, you can choose whether you want membership to the project to be open or closed to the public, the privacy of the projects data, the option to have participants email you as a project manager, and decide if you want the project’s data linked with SciStarter

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you can add the project’s specific location on a map by searching for the address or by adding the locations latitude and longitude. 


Image 4: Options available while editing project profiles.

Managing Project Members 

By clicking on the Manage Members link, you can organize member roles and manage member invites and participation. Here on the Manage Project Members Page, you can start by inviting people to join your project via email with a personalized message. This is a great way to increase participation in your project! You can also approve membership requests on this page. Next, you can manage members in your project by assigning roles to participants and viewing the requested roles from members. On this page, you can also send updates and emails to the project’s members. Lastly, you can choose to assign a project member to a specific site location they are monitoring or remove/edit their location assignments.

Image 5: Options available while managing project members.

STEP 3: Managing Project Logistics

In this section, learn what you can do with the Data, Resources, Forum, Analyses, and Results tabs to manage the details of your project, provide additional information to members and analyze project data. 

View Data

The Data tab allows you to view current data in your CitSci project. You can view a list of current observations from members, view observations using a map, or view the latitude and longitude of specific observations

Image 6-8: Viewing different forms of data in Datasheets.


Under the Resources tab, you can upload external links and other pages for project members to learn more about your CitSci project. This is a great place to put learning materials such as slides, pdfs, and links to video trainings.

Screenshot of Resources tab, showing example link, powerpoint presentation, pdf, and word doc.

Image 9: Resources tab available for project managers to upload external learning documents for participants.


We are re-designing more comprehensive data analysis tools for your citizen science projects. Our goal is to co-create data analysis tools that are flexible and comprehensive enough so you can analyze data on CitSci and easily take results from your analyses and feed them directly into effective results. 


We are envisioning science communication tools for your citizen science and community science projects. Our goal is to co-create tools that are flexible and comprehensive enough so you can easily communicate your results and impacts and outcomes with the public and your stakeholders. Imagine easily taking analytical results and sharing them through creative infographics, automated annual reports, and even videos. 

Screenshot of Forum discussion tab on CitSci with an example discussion and photo.

Image 10: An example of a discussion forum in Project Manager tools.

Can all project members make changes to your CitSci project?

No. Project managers are the only ones who can make changes to CitSci projects and access manager tools. 

Will project members receive notifications when changes are made using manager tools?

Project members will not be automatically notified when changes are made. However, you have the option to send out project wide emails informing members of these changes. 

When you create and manage a citizen science project, you are helping other scientists and providing an opportunity for people across the world to find their own role in research! We are so happy you chose CitSci to host your project, and will be available to help you every step of the way.

Feature Image PC: Pixabay

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