The Front Range Pika Project – Why Pikas? – Part 1

Hundreds of projects all over the world use the platform to build and grow their citizen science projects. Citizen science is the process of engaging the public in science research. Citizen science projects most commonly form around scientific questions that cannot be answered by scientists alone. In our Project Spotlight series, you’ll meet the

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Studying the Science of Citizen Science

Laura McDuffie is a faculty member in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage and her boots are always muddy from wading through the mud in search of boreal birds. She runs a citizen science project every spring that engages Audubon volunteers in collecting information on wetland use by declining boreal wetland

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The year is 2001 and this is Central Africa. Reports are trickling in about an Ebola outbreak. The outbreak is unanticipated. Data for tracking and predicting the spread of the outbreak are scarce. Lives are at stake. What do you do? Enter CyberTracker. CyberTracker is a downloadable desktop software application developed to assist non-literate wild

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow Opportunity

The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University seeks a motivated full-time citizen science post-doctoral fellow to serve as a senior software engineer / web developer / ecological informatics specialist to develop and integrate the software of two web platforms ( and for a sustainable software integration NSF-funded project. This position involves developing

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Launching a Regional Water Quality Database with

By: Holden Sparacino, Outreach Manager with Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) Over the past two years, the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) has worked with to develop, a database to house volunteer-collected data from hundreds of monitoring sites across Pennsylvania and New York, investigating small streams for potential impacts from shale

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Home Is Where the Citizen Science Is

When e-coli levels spiked in area waters, Virginia Master Naturalists stepped in to help. As part of a citizen science project, they conducted pre and post-intervention data collection to help determine whether or not management actions were reducing e-coli abundance. Why? Because Virginia is a place they call home. And a new paper by a

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Manage Citizen Science More Effectively with

You’re busy. Your work, your life, your citizen science, it all takes time. We get it. You’re the reason all of us here at come to work every day – to make it easier for you to accomplish great citizen science. We’ve been hammering away behind the scenes to improve Here are few

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